In-browser Games in the US: Past, present and future

When it comes to looking at in-browser games in the US, it is an interesting picture. Despite video games being very popular to play via PC or console, it is actually gambling games that currently make up the majority of what Americans play via their browsers. Currently the US online gambling sector is on course to generate an estimated $59 billion by 2020 which backs up this apparent popularity. As more and more US states begin to legalize online gambling in their borders, this will only become a more popular pastime for many.

Console Games

Real money casinos in NJ have already seen lots of New Jersey resident’s sign-up to play and this is being seen across other states where online casino play is allowed. It seems that the chance to indulge in classic slots and card games without leaving the house is attractive to many. This was not always the case though. In days gone by, many US citizens loved to play a variety of video games through their browsers online. From action to adventure and puzzle games, these were the go-to choice in the day before online casino games were available to play.

These in-browser games were available through a range of websites that were devoted to making them accessible and free to play in most cases. While online casino gaming is set to dominate moving forward, the below sites are some of the best around for in-browser video games who also saw great success in the past.

Armor Games

Launched in 2004, Armor Games quickly built up a great reputation for hosting a wide variety of Flash-based in-browser games. Each game on the site is uploaded and managed by the developer and some contain player achievements to unlock. This site has many types of game to choose from including shoot em ups and driving games. Fun to use and easy to navigate around, it still has a loyal following to this day. The games contained on Armor Games are free to use also which is a great selling point for many in the gaming world.


This site for in-browser video games was set up by Tom Fulp originally in 1995. Still going to this day, it has many people who like to head here for the many types of video game it offers. The unique thing about this site is that the content found on it is user-generated across 4 sections, of which gaming is one. From sports to simulation and strategy, this site was very popular with players in the past for offering something different and giving new developers chance to showcase their products. Although maybe not as popular now due to many heading to online casino gaming, its mix of color and fun is enjoyed by many still.

Big Fish Games

In operation since 2002, Big Fish Games comes out of the home of Grunge music, Seattle. Employing around 700 people, it is still going strong to build on its past success. As with the other in-browser video games platforms above, it carries a wide choice of games for players to try out which are free. It is particularly good for specific game types like Hidden Object and Brain Teasers if that is your thing. As well as browser games, it now focuses heavily on social media and mobile gaming.


Another big in-browser site that has been hit somewhat by the shift to online casino play is Kongregate. Founded in 2006, it was very popular at one time with players looking for free games to enjoy through their internet browser. Kongregate is still active though and has a loyal following of fans. Their site has a cool independent feel and has a wide choice of different games to try for free. With over 100,000 web titles and around 30 mobile games, you will not be short of choice here!

Why have online casino games risen to the top?

All the above sites for in-browser video games tasted great success before online gambling games showed up. While they all still do attract many people wanting to play free web-based games there, online casino gaming has really eaten into their market share.

The big question to ask for many is why this has happened. In simple terms, online gambling offers all the fun and excitement that in-browser video games do but with some important advantages. Firstly, online casino games give you a chance to win money. Secondly, online casinos offer a far more mobile friendly experience. Of course, many players will choose to enjoy both ways of playing via their browser but it does seem that online gambling games will be in top spot for the foreseeable future.

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