An Importer Of Record Can Alleviate Pain Points At Customs

Where cross-border transactions are concerned, particularly when dealing with highly sensitive equipment, it’s important for the exporting party to be adequately prepared. Often, dual-use goods and controlled-use goods such as IT equipment get held at the border when proper paperwork and permits are not completed to the satisfaction of the officers. For a technology reseller, this can cause unforeseen problems, such as their shipment failing to reach its destination on time — which can then lead to a plethora of related problems. This snowball effect has the potential to spoil client relationships and often comes with great costs for both parties when documentation is not prepared in compliance with the receiving country’s laws.

This is rarely a result of the reseller behaving carelessly; the truth is, customs law is complex and can confuse even those well versed in logistics. Customs law changes from country to country and without experience or familiarity with a given country’s guidelines, oversights can and do occur. In fact, most countries won’t allow sensitive materials over their border without a local entity, or customer to take responsibility for the goods. For a company leasing technology while retaining ownership over it, they’ll also require a third-party Importer of Record (IoR) to sign for the shipment.

According to the turnkey compliance experts at, a quality IoR service should be able to apply for all mandatory import permits on your behalf, arrange brokerage, ensure clearance (compliantly), and oversee local delivery in the destination country. They must also hold a point of presence in the destination country, and be experts in that country’s import law. Partnering with a company that ensures clearance every time is crucial, it alleviates stress on your part as the reseller by knowing you’re putting your valuable assets in qualified hands.

Ship your technology from point A to B without having to worry about the risks associated with global distribution through a company like TecEx. They are one company that offers IoR services in 136 countries, and can even recover the import taxes for you from 40 of these countries. This includes Value-Added Tax, co-locations tax, customs tax, and taxes on the local purchase of equipment. Their IoR service will have your equipment cleared within 10 days of your quote’s acceptance or earlier, allowing you to give your clients overseas an accurate estimated date of arrival. You will also receive access to an online portal which enables you to track your shipment in real-time, as well as communicate your needs with a service executive so you can remain involved in the process.

When it comes to the safe transfer of highly sensitive and expensive technology equipment, it pays to go with an Importer of Record who is experienced in the receiving country’s customs law and has a track record of successful clearances. Do not allow the potential for oversights to cause damage to your relationship with your clients. Send them the technology goods they need to conduct business quickly and efficiently by utilizing a third party with expertise you may not have, allowing you to focus your energies on the work your company does best.

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