Ideas for Additional Income for a Student

Do students need money? In the majority of cases, the answer is “Yes!” We are not going to discuss the problems with finances in 2020, as well as numerous expenses a student has got. Let us start immediately with the possible sources where a student can earn some money. It will include part-time jobs that can be easily combined with studies in a college or university.

Becoming an Assistant

It is a number-one possibility because the range of opportunities is wide. From part-time jobs in different companies (small private enterprises to huge corporations) to online and virtual positions. Let us have a look at the possibilities:

  • Office jobs: any office needs assisting personnel. You may need to forward incoming emails to company employees, make sure an office has enough supplies, etc. Besides, there are a lot of positions when a specialist needs an assistant as well, from marketers to lawyers, professors, and managers. Some companies may require a relevant education. So, it is better to focus on enterprises working in the field related to your education. It is a chance to earn some extra money, as well as get an invaluable practical experience that will come in handy when you graduate.
  • Remote jobs: there is a job called ‘virtual assistant.’ You can make a post on platforms for freelancers, as well as on social media. Did you know that a lot of well-known bloggers also have assistants? Some of them are editing stories, while others work on the processing of images. Depending on your skills and personal experience, you can make up a catchy cover letter (in other words, a captivating message) and send it to your favorite bloggers.

Regardless of the field that you will choose to look for a part-time assistant position, make sure you will be able to fulfill your duties without sacrificing studies. It is beneficial to you, as well as your potential employer may ask you how you are going to handle both work and education. Think about a nice response, as well as make sure that you have made a schedule of all the deadlines and tasks you have to submit. In some situations, it is worth delegating some assignments to RapidEssay professionals to free several hours per day to work.


There is no better time for becoming a tutor than the period of studentship. All the knowledge is fresh in your head — you have got materials and access to additional resources related to the topic. If you dislike the idea of offering your services to your mates, it is possible to make a post on platforms for freelancers, social media, and local blogs. Because of the pandemic, a lot of people give preference to online tutors. That is why you will not even need to commute. A PC and your knowledge — that is all you need. It is a great way to make a profit from the education you are currently obtaining.

Own Ideas?

The truth is that a lot of young people have got ideas of their own businesses they are afraid to implement in life. It is high time to forget about fear and take the first step. Write down everything you need, make preliminary calculations, and decide if you can manage to do this on your own. If not, look for a partner or consider crowdfunding platforms. A lot of inventions and startups have been launched by students. If you need the money and have an idea, why not try?

The world is full of possibilities to make money, even for students. The most crucial is if you are really ready to stand up and do something to earn it.

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