iConcertCal helps the music fan schedule his life


One of Lifehacker’s Downloads of the Day, iConcertCal is a cool little plug-in for the Apple app, iCal. The iConcert freeware embeds a schedule of artists from your iTunes library and synchronizes them with your calender so you can see when in the future your favorite bands are playing close to you.

For an easier guide, just change the location to your hometown, and iConcert only marks the shows in your area for your favorite musicians. The program updates your concert listings once a week to make sure you always are prepared for your favorite bands tour, so you’ll never miss a Hillary Duff concert again!

We would really love to see something like this for Google Calender, in addition to it’s holiday date templates. iConcertCal only works in the US for now, but will most likely expand internationally eventually. — Andrew Dobrow

iConcertCal [via Lifehacker]

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