iClever SlamBox Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

In the current gadget market, there so many Bluetooth speakers under various price tags. Quality greatly varies too. So it’s bit of a surprise that the smalliClever SlamBox portable Bluetooth speaker can grab attention in this crowded market. The speaker is affordable, and has been rising in popularity for some time. If you are looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker, then this product could be for you. Read below for a review of the iClever SlamBox to find out:

Featuresand Design

The first thing anyone would notice about this speaker is how small it is. The speaker is designed like a small box. Dimensions are 4.2 x 3.9 x 3 inches, and the speaker weighs only 13.1 ounces.  It’s very compact, and is very easy to carry around. It could fit in a purse or even a big enough pocket. The exterior is unassumingly black. The speaker, however, has stylishly placed bezels that make it quite hip.

The casing for the speaker has IPX7 elemental proofing. That means its water, dust, shock, and snow proof. That’s impressively durable. This speaker can definitely take a beating. It’s not fragile, and won’t break if you accidentally drop it once or twice. However, this is still an electronic device, so don’t be too adventurous with it. The IPX7 proofing will protect the speaker against common accidents like spilled coffee.


Because the speaker is tiny, you would think that the sound would be equally small. Well, it’s not. This speaker can pump out titanic beats with ease. It can create a wonderful mid-bass sound in any environment.You can expect very clear highs and tight mids too. Audio distortion is practically nonexistent. Overall, you can play really loud music as if this were a bigger speaker.

Bluetooth and Battery

The Bluetooth range for the iClever SlamBox is 20 meters. That means you can place this on the bedside table to play music until you fall asleep, or place it in the living room for everyone in the house to hear.  That is really superb. Even at maximum 20 meters of range, this speaker worked perfectly without lags, disconnections, or distortions.

The manufacturer says the battery can play music all day from sunrise to sunset. This is a bit of an exaggeration. The battery can play audio continuously about 8 hours straight. If you play music real low, you might be able to stretch it for 10 to 12 hours. The battery will last a day, or even more, if you don’t play music continuously. The battery charges to full quite quickly in about an hour two. It uses a micro HDMI cable, like a phone, so you can use just about any device to charge it. It will charge in the car, using a laptop with HDMI output, or a standard wall outlet.


The speaker is placed on only one side of the casing. This is not a two sided speaker.


This is a really impressive feature that offers many perks. Design wise, there are no complaints. This speaker looks sleek, is small enough to be highly portable, and is come with a very durable casing. The audio is really loud and clear, and is far superior to most Bluetooth speakers out there. The battery can last up to 8 hours, which is also impressive. The speaker has really solid Bluetooth range as well. The price is also very affordable as this speaker costs less than $50. It comes with an 18 month warranty too. Overall, this is definitely a product worth having.

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