How To Stick It To Microsoft On Their $50 HDMI Cable

Xbox HDMI hack

We all know that purchasing a $50 HDMI cable with audio adapter for your XBox 360 Premium is bullshit, but that doesn’t mean you have to stand there with your pants down while Microsoft goes to town on your ass. Thanks to this hack by Chad Ledford you can pick up a $10 HDMI cable and remove the plastic casing from the standard A/V cable – making it possible to plug both in at the same time. This will negate the need for the expensive cable and fill you with the sense of satisfaction that comes with sticking it to the man. � Sean Fallon

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  1. mate, cheers that works a gem

  2. This is a great hack. My only question is by removing the plastic casing around the av cable arent you making it susceptible to dust. If you got dust in the av cable would it cause it to break?

  3. how do you take you take out the plastic case?

  4. Yeah, I’ve been wondering how to take out the plastic case too.

  5. Take Knife between the to pieces of Plastic(where the HDTV and SD Switch is) turn the knife till you pop the plastic rivits and ENJOY saving the Money as I just did, You still have the option to use your Optical Audio too cause that port is Enclosed in the Metal

  6. thanks for this, fuckin rip off with xbox, but thanks again haha it works like a charm 😛

  7. Ahh yes the feeling of revenge so nice

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