HTC wants to merge with SonyEricsson and make babies

“Mobiltillverkaren HTC, v ¤xer lika snabbt som Sony Ericsson. Bolaget ¤r kund till Ericsson och i en intervju med s ¤ger vd:n och grundaren Peter Chou att han g ¤rna pratar samg ¥ende med Sony Ericsson” What is that supposed to mean? Yeah we wondered too, apparently the founder and CEO of HTC, Peter Chou expressed his interest in discussing a merger with SonyEricsson at an interview with a Swedish site. In case you don’t know who HTC is, HTC is the company that designed and manufactured your lovely iPAQs, Dell Axims, and almost all of the O2 PDA phones. So are we going to expect orangely funky WM6 products from SEHTC? Hmm, UIQ and WM6 from the same manufacturer doesn’t make too much sense to us. —Sam Chan

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