How to Use QR codes for your Webinar and Create an insightful Webinar Experience

Are you thinking of new ways in conducting an insightful webinar experience?  Getting tired of organizing bulky zip files to your trainees?

Come and join the movement towards technological progress. With the need to expedite your company’s online aptitude, new means of technological utilization can be used in molding webinar itineraries. One way of employing it, is through the use of QR codes. As one of our goals in ensuring a conducive and indulging webinar experiences, here are 5 reasons in using QR code utilization in your webinar preparations:


1. QR codes can keep track of who are participating in the event.

By inserting a QR code in your posters, individuals can scan it and be redirected to a site where they can register and select their desired schedule. Hence, it lessens the period of organizing the itinerary of the event,

2. They are lightweight and convenient.

Organizing a webinar is like devising a comprehensive action plan. You need to invest your time and resources in preparing pertinent materials. But with the use of QR codes, the time and resources needed diminishes. As for the participants, the burden of searching files used in the webinar lessens. Thus, buying some time in recapitulating topics given in the webinar.

3. No files will be lost along the process.

As the conductor channel its knowledge to the participants, the chances of having your files corrupted are at stake.  As you try not to have the opportunity of losing an important document while imparting it to your participants, QR codes can be the tool for enabling hassle-free file sharing by using a QR Code generator online. While links and URLs can also be used in directing file sharing, the convenience of QR utilization can alter traditional “copy and pasting” method. Therefore, it let the participants feel a new and unlikely webinar experience.

4. It shortens the period of formulating reports and evaluation in the event.

Behind a progressive and successful webinar lies a weary, time consuming narrative reports and evaluations. Unlike the usual webinar prompt of evaluating and penning of narrative reports, QR codes give the organizer an edge in conducting evaluations. Instead of sending links and URLs, customized QR codes designed for specific areas of the event alleviate the burden of clicking/tapping the search icon of the participants’ browser. Since reports need demographic and statistical details, QR codes can provide real-time data of the participants. 

5. It jumpstarts the future of webinar prompts.

As we bring the novelty of QR code utilization to your webinar prompts, your prompt does not only refresh the usual impressions of webinars, it allows synergized collaboration in finding new means of delivering an effective and efficient webinar experience. 


As technology changes over time, methods and strategies shifts and adapts at any circumstances. Finding new means to motivate individual’s in expanding horizons and discover potential skills can be grasped by joining the QR code environment by using a QR Code generator that will satisfy your desire to become an agent of the future of webinars. 

If you want to try and lead the future of webinars, you can do it through QR code technology by using a QR code generator with logo. The future of webinars is in the hands of smart thinkers. 

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