8 Signs That It’s Time to Invest in an App to Boost Your Business Success

Instead of just listing reasons why you should be creating a mobile app for your business, we’d like to explain how investing in an app for your company can help solve current problems your business might be experiencing.

Allow us to share some signs and solutions that show it’s time to invest in an app for your company

The Problem: Your Customers Aren’t Noticing You

One of the biggest problems companies face in this digital age is to position themselves in front of their target audience. The competition is fierce and without a big advertising budget, it can be tricky to receive the exposure your brand needs. Exposure leads to engagement, and engagement might lead to conversion.

  • The Solution

Designing and creating an app for your company could be an ideal way to generate traffic and create exposure for your brand. An app is another channel for engagement and communication to take place that can be seen as an add-on to your marketing strategy.

The benefits are even greater when businesses decide to develop a custom mobile app that allow more flexibility and can address specific customer needs. Business2Community

The Problem: Struggling to Create Customer Loyalty

Consumers are more empowered than ever and companies have to be sensitive towards their needs. You want your company to offer a brilliant product or service experience. If you feel like you’ve been slacking a bit and not getting to loyalty you’re hoping for; an app may help improve customer loyalty.

“Since studies have shown that it costs 6 to 7 times more to acquire a new customer than keep an old one, outpacing your competition depends upon having a loyal tribe of happy customers”. – Help Scout

  • The Solution

An app solution can help you reach your consumers on the go. It always for around the clock availability. You can also use the app as a mobile loyalty program and offer discounts and promotions specifically for app users.

61% of retailers state customer retention as their biggest challenge, but 64% of retailers with a mobile loyalty rewards program say it has become the best way to retain consumers. – Stuzo

The Problem: Marketing Channels That Aren’t Performing

If you’re not seeing the leads, clicks, and conversions you want from your digital strategies, such as email newsletters and social media engagement; it might be time to let your application do the talking.

  • The Solution

Connecting with your users through push notifications opens up a direct channel which might not have been ‘open’ via other forms of marketing. There is a higher read rate and a bigger chance of engagement. Apart from that, consumers might prefer to communicate with your brand via text messaging or mobile chats than picking up the phone or sending an email.

The Problem: Your Mobile Analytics Aren’t Performing

Do you have a beautiful, responsive design in place for your website, but you’re just not receiving the traffic you hoped for? It could be that your users are looking for a more interactive solution. Some companies or products are almost expected to have a mobile app solution because of the service or products they offer.

  • The Solution

Invest in a mobile app to improve your page traffic from mobile devices. People are spending more time on their phones than ever, and they want instant gratification. An app will allow them to access all the information they need when they need it instead of having to navigate through your website.

The Problem: Not Reaching Your Target Audience During Business Hours

Having the best product or service won’t be enough without exceptional customer support and services. It’s important to be available when your prospective clients or consumers need you.

  • The Solution

Having a business application is almost like an ‘always open’ sign. Even if you don’t have the manpower for 24/7 customer support; you can utilize chatbot software or create FAQ responses. This is especially valuable for eCommerce businesses to keep the sales process going after office hours.

The Problem: Your Brand is Just Blending In

In order to get an edge over competitors, your company needs to stand out and be recognizable.

  • The Solution

It’s time to invest in an app if you are looking for a way to stand out and crush the competition. An app adds to brand recognition and credibility that helps with your overall brand reputation. Creating an app shows that you are willing to provide solutions for your customers to have a better experience.

The Problem: You are Not Reaching the Millennials

Do you have a product or service that’s aimed at reaching the younger generation? If you’re not positioning yourself in front of these users, you won’t have much success with their engagement.

  • The Solution

Studies show that more than 75% of the millennial generation own smartphones. If you aren’t actively promoting your brand and offering an application solution, you might not be reaching your target audience via other methods.

The Problem: You’re Disconnect With Your Audience Because of No Market Research

When last have you sent out surveys or invested in market research professionals to assess your brand performance? Neglecting marketing research leads to a disconnect that can seriously damage your business.

  • The Solution

Push notifications and alerts via mobile apps work well as a form of market research. For instance, if you have a gamification application, you can request the users to answer pop-up questions before leveling up. The app could also feature a survey option where users can receive rewards or incentive when filling out the forms or questionnaires.

The mobile industry is thriving and investing in an app solution for your company will not only increase your reach, availability, engagement, conversions and sales – but it might fix other business problems that you weren’t necessarily aware of. We’d like to know if you are struggling with any of the above-mentioned business problems or what your concerns are about creating an app for your business.

Author bio: Ian Naylor is the founder and CEO of AppInstitute, one of the world’s leading DIY App Builders (over 70,000 apps built).

Naylor has founded, grown and sold 4 successful internet and technology companies during the past 18 years around the world. He gives seminars as an expert authority on startup mobile app trends, development, and online marketing and has spoken at numerous industry events including The Great British Business Show, Venturefest, the National Achievers Congress and numerous industry exhibitions around the UK.

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