How to Steal an iPad from Walmart (Not Really)

California store managers are experiencing an interesting problem — an iPad theft epidemic. What’s even more interesting is that all of these thefts are coming from a trio of thieves, who have successfully hit several stores in the past few weeks.

Their strategy is simple — one of them will walk into the store and tell an assistant that he wants to buy two iPads. However, he asks the clerk to hold them under the counter while he does some shopping. He then leaves to “browse other products”. Another accomplice, a female, steals the two iPads out from under the counter. The iPads are then passed to a third person, who puts the iPads in her handbag and leaves the store with them.

So far, this trio has stolen $6,400 worth of iPads from stores in the Arcadia area of California. Why hasn’t anyone caught on yet?

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