How to Quickly Extract Text from Images using OCR Tools

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a highly advanced technology that got famous decades ago in almost every field working with scanned documents. 

Nowadays, almost every sector is well known for the benefits of using OCR technology because they face serious problems due to data instability, failure in understanding handwritten texts, and inaccurate measures. 

Table of content 

  • What is OCR?
  • Extracting text from images by using OCR tools
    • Img2go’s image to text converter 
    • Prepostseo image to text converter 
  • Advantages of using OCR technology 
    • Useful in academics 
    • Easy language conversion 
    • Serves free of cost

What is OCR?

Optical Character Recognition or OCR is a technique that allows you to translate various types of documents into a soft copy of editable and readable text such as printed papers, PDF files, or photos taken by a smartphone camera.

Suppose you have a paper document – email, magazine article, flyer, or PDF contracts that your boss has sent you. Obviously, a scanner isn’t sufficient to provide this information in Microsoft Word for editing. 

Every scanner can take a picture or a snapshot of the document, that’s just a black and white or colored image collection, known as the raster picture. 

Therefore, you need an OCR program to extract and repurpose data from scanned documents or photographs or from pdf documents, which will let the user access and change the contents of the original document. 

By analyzing data carefully and providing its users with accurate results, optical character recognition technology is giving a great edge to many industries such as banking, insurance, finances, healthcare, academics, and human resources. 

Besides, converting images into text facilitates digitizing and sharing text files without any common mistakes. 

How to extract text from images

Now, as OCR tools are abundant present on the internet for free, you do not need to waste your time typing everything up from an image in order to make changes to it. 

All image-to-text converters use OCR technology that works by scanning and then analyzing the written text in images and translating it into text form. 

By using these online free tools, it is not difficult to deal with a bulk of hard copies that need conversion to soft copy within a short period. 

A couple of the best online images to text converters are mentioned below. 

  1. Prepostseo 

Among multiple options for text extractors you have, the Prepostseo image to text converter is the finest choice for extracting text from images fast. 

This text converter is also pretty simple and smooth in use. The text in the image will be in front of your screen within a split of a second.

The tool allows you to directly copy-paste or uploads files from devices to give results in textual form. 

Other features include 

  • Support text conversion in multiple file formats such as jpg, png, gif, pdf, doc, and Docx. 
  • Allows extracting text using a URL 
  • Support extracting text from low-quality pictures 
  • Free of cost for an unlimited period of time
  • Multiple languages supporting 
  • A downloading report in seconds 

This famous free converter permits its users to convert multiple files such as pdf, doc, and jpg into another format. 

It comes with an option of directly uploading files from your system, smartphone and Google drive as well. The layout of Img2go text converter is pretty simple to use. 

Other features include

  • Safety of your content 
  • Upload files from Dropbox 
  • Converts image into pdf file
  • Upload text directly from Web 
  • Automatic deletion of the file after downloading 

It is the best website for providing multiple OCR tools under one roof, one of them is ” image to text” for extracting text from photos.

Similar to every efficient image-to-text converter, this tool also supports multiple languages and suggests you choose all languages for getting the most accurate results. 

Other features include

  • Direct upload from URL, Dropbox, and Google drive 
  • Easy to use 
  • Extracted text can be downloaded 
  • Support easy conversion from jpg, png, web, and more
  • Easily detect text from screenshots taken from mobiles phones
  • Provides services completely free of cost 

Advantages of using OCR technology 

Here we are mentioning some of the important reasons for using Image to text converters to extract text from images and make it available for editing for its users. 

Useful in academics 

The OCR converter is widely used in academic institutions for extracting text from books, notes, and pictures that you have taken from your smartphone. 

In general, students are highly interested in reading and working on digital services in the current era of technological advancement and they can do this so effortlessly with online OCR technology. Using these tools and technology, in less than a few seconds you would quickly help yourself to convert the scanned documents and files.

You also must note that, if you are given a task in which you have to quote and add a reference from an already published paper, you should be pretty direct about manual re-typing and it involves a lot of effort. On the other hand, the image to text converter can help you with this problem in a moment.

Easy Language conversion 

There are now a lot of fascinating photos and some other texts written in signatures all over the internet in different languages, but you don’t understand all of them. 

The advanced image-to-text converter online tool will help you get rid of this problem. No doubt, this is one of the top concerns and exploitation of the new OCR technology. 

Serves free of cost 

The program’s main feature is that it is free and may save a lot of your time by extracting text immediately after entering the picture in the input box, which is why this tool is increasingly popular everywhere. 

Manual conversions, particularly in abundance, may take a lot of time and can be challenging. It may also influence the quality and performance of your job significantly, and that is why you must utilize OCR digital services.

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