How to Market Your Tech Startup Successfully With Low Budget

Starting up a tech company comes with its own difficulties. The funding isn’t exactly big for start-ups because everyone seems to be coming up with the same ideas and most don’t have much to show for it. If you have managed to create something, then Congratulations!

The next step is going to be marketing your start-up to attract sales. Here are some ways that will help you market your business with not much budget.

Make Viral Video Content

The easiest, cheapest, and the most effective way to get massive amounts of people to notice your tech startup is to create viral video content and promote it through social media. Many startups have exclusively used social media marketing for this very reason. 

Just one single, well-crafted video that can surprise, awe, or instigate a conversation among people will be good enough to bring millions of social media users to your website. To get the best results, make sure that the viral video content is related to some aspect of the niche your startup is working in. 

For example, if your tech startup focuses on subscription-based gaming service, like a Netflix for games, then you can create a viral video that will contain a nod to your service along with your branding. This will ensure that the people, who watch the video, become curious and check out your website to see what your startup is all about.

Dabble Into Influencer Marketing

The next option you must look at is influencer marketing. What this basically means is that you find people who have a large following on social media and have the ability to influence the buying decisions of the followers. You then set up an agreement with them where they post something good about your product.

If you put in the effort to research and find out the top influencers in your niche, then the exposure and potential you are going to generate for your business will be massive. However, you need to understand that the influencer will only be positive about your product or service if they like it. They are not like celebrities with whom you enter into a contract and force them to say something good about your company in the advertisements.

Influencers value their reputation. If they suggest a substandard product and their customers don’t like it, then it will affect their fan base. That is a risk that no social media influencer worth their salt will take. But, as far as your product or service can impress them, you can be guaranteed to receive a positive review from the influencers.

Use Content Marketing

This is another cheap but extremely powerful way to market your tech startup to millions of people. Basically, you need to create a few blogs that pertain to your niche and start publishing high-quality articles on them. 

Make sure that they are detailed, well-written, and packed with useful information that the readers will be able to implement and benefit from.

For example, if your startup is focused on internet security for businesses, then the blogs must focus on the security aspect of business data. Post articles that have detailed instructions on how to revamp a company’s email security; how to better protect cloud data, etc. When readers of your blog implement your suggestions and benefit from them, you will slowly build a solid reputation as a trustworthy tech company.

Guest Blog

Another great way to get tremendous exposure for your tech startup is through guest blogs. Search and find online media outlets that accept guest writers and have millions of loyal readers. 

You can then make an agreement with them and start publishing valuable tech-related articles as a guest blogger. Since your name and your company name will be published with the article, your brand name will spread across the internet as the articles attract thousands of visitors and go viral.

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