Bitdefender Internet Security 2015 Review and Giveaway


bitdefender 2015

Cases of identity theft, viruses and website hacking have upped in the recent past. To this end, you cannot gamble with your security online and thus the need for an internet security software.

What is Bitdefender?

Bitdefender is an online security and antivirus software. It offered you best protection for three straight years. It has been named the best security for 2014, PC MAG. Bitdefender does not interfere with internet speed and thus you enjoy fast speed. This has been confirmed by AV-TEST. You do not need to be an internet genius to set up Bitdefender; with only one click you are protected. The two-way firewall protects your private data like your passwords, your credit card information and many more online. The discreet parental control feature has been widely used by many parents to monitor the activities of their kids online.

What do you get with Bitdefender?

Bitdefender Safepay is the feature that allows you to make all your transactions online without the fear of losing money. The feature automatically enters your credit card details whenever needed. The active virus control offers you a 24 hours control over viruses that may attack your computer when you visit the internet or enter devices into your computer. The Rescue Mode restarts your computer whenever e-threats are detected. The vulnerability scanner of Bitdefender Internet Security scans your system for outdated software and gives you weekly security reports. With the security widget, you can easily drag and drop files to be scanned simply on your desktop. The online dashboard allows you to run scans online to see if there are any malicious files. It is through the online dashboard that you access support from the Bitdefender team regarding any issues you may have.

Using MyBitdefender, you can remotely scan and check your system for any viruses and fix all security related issues. Since viruses can be carried by USB disks, you can immunize any flash drive that enters your computer using Bitdefender software. This protects you as well as your friends. Another great feature is the Bitdefender profiles that detects your activities on the computer and enhances the speed as well as the security. The autopilot is perhaps the best feature for busy people. It makes security-related decisions keeping you up to date without your input.

With the Bitdefender Safego, you do not need to worry about social media threats. The feature will scan all the links you get on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms and even alert you when there are threats in the links. This feature checks your privacy on social media to keep you safe. Besides, it will block links that contain threats. Bitdefender Wallet is a secure online payment tool that automatically fills in your credit card details when you need to make a payment online. Your personal data will never leave your computer and you will never be a victim of phishing. Every sensitive file you delete on your computer will be shredded to make it unavailable. The Bitdefender photon and OneClick optimizer makes your computer fast.

Bitdefender Giveaway

You can get all the above features free for 6 months. All you do is visit Bitdefender online and submit your email address. Here is the link:

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