How To: Hack Your iPhone and Never Pay For Another App Again


Disclaimer: This tutorial/HOW TO is for educational purposes only. That being said, we know damn well what we’re trying to do here I assume.

What this tutorial will do is jailbreak (not unlock) your iPhone so that you can download independent apps from developers. A VERY STRONG RUMOR HAS IT that you can also download apps cracked from the iTunes App Store. I’ve confirmed this. This is a Mac OS X only tutorial. Suck it, Windows.

First, you’ll need an iPhone 2G (the original) or an iPhone 3G. This hack DOES NOT WORK on the iPhone 3GS, so don’t try it. Ready? Have your shit backed up and an iPod cable ready? Good.

Step 1: Download the redsn0w jailbreak app.

Step 2: Get a .ipsw file of the iPhone 3.0 OS. Google around, check or whatever.

Step 3: Plug iPhone into your Mac, follow on screen instructions. You’ll be putting your phone into DFU mode and within minutes, it’ll be back to normal and jailbroken. Mind you, after a jailbreak (at least with me), you’ll need to do a restore later on to access your legitimate applications. Make sure you choose to install Cydia only. You don’t need Icy and can get it later.

Step 4: Open Cydia. Choose to do a “Complete” upgrade to the software. Add “” to your list of repositories once that’s done.

Step 5: Download AppSync, Crackulous and Installous from the repository. If you don’t do it in this order, you may get errors.

Step 6: If all went according to plan, restore your iPhone from your last legit backup and you should have Cydia, all your cracked apps and your legit apps on the phone. Congrats! Now you can use Installous to wreck havoc on all the apps you desire.

That’s pretty much it. It took me about 45 minutes to get everything done and now I’m enjoying everything my iPhone 3G has to offer. If you’re squeemish about hacking or have sensitive material on your phone, don’t try this. You have to experience trial and error before getting it right. Now go and enjoy your cracked apps!

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  1. you retard fuck … takeing credit for diz shit you dont need crackulous .. crackullous cracks the apps you loser …

    installous installs them

    and appulous is a website you see in installous

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