How to Get Hired in the Cannabis Industry

The use of THC-infused(tetrahydrocannabinol) products is on the rise. Not only in the United States, but also in other parts of the world. As the hidden benefits of Cannabis-related products are being unearthed by researchers and scientists, more and more people are getting curious to try them out. From cannabidiol oil to CBD-specific gummies, the Cannabis industry is spreading its wings in all kinds of markets across the globe. Certainly, employment opportunities in this industry are also rising.


Just because this industry produces recreational products containing THC does not mean it is not serious about its growth. Most people, when they hear of psychoactive drugs like marihuana or even hemp, they immediately link them to illegal drug dealers. They presume cannabis industry workers to be like the guy who sold weed in their class. But it cannot be further from the truth.

According to stat by Glassdoor, in 2018, there was a 76 percent increase in jobs posted by recruiters from the Cannabis industry. The number is growing in 2019 as well and it is estimated to rise in the near future too. Another stats by the same source says “Cannabis jobs pay higher than U.S. median salary”. What better news than knowing that the industry you are about to step in is paying more than any other industry in the country?

How much monthly income can I expect? Does Cannabis Industry pay well?

According to a recruitment website, HempStaff, a person working in this industry can earn anywhere from $20,000 to $150,000 per annum. Like other industries, Cannabis industry has a hierarchy with several job roles ranging from a Marihuana Trimmer to a Master grower. You can also apply for office jobs like a Receptionist or a General Manager.

To answer your second question, yes I believe the Cannabis industry pays its employees abundantly. In comparison to the Information Technology industry, the entry-level salaries are almost the same but the highest a person can earn working in the Cannabis industry is far greater than the Information Technology industry(in the IT industry an employee can earn up to $85,000 only)

How to get hired in the Cannabis Industry?

The Cannabis industry is not any different than other businesses. For a job interview in a Cannabis industry, the same rules and atticates apply as that for other industries. You need a well-made resume, relevant work experience, you need to dress appropriately, be there on time and more importantly, have all the knowledge in the world about Cannabis-related products.


Instead of wondering how to get hired in the Cannabis industry, I want you to change your perspective a bit. What does a candidate do before applying for a job in any industry? The answer is simple. He/she works hard to make themselves credible a job interview call. This is what you should do before applying for a job in the Cannabis industry. Most people fail because they believe being a pothead or a stoner is enough to land a job.

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