How to Find Song IDs on Roblox

Roblox is one of the most popular online platforms for people to make games and play games that other people have made. With thousands of people using this platform for various games, we’re sure that there are times when you want to play music on Roblox, but don’t know how to find a song ID.

It can be hard to find an ID if you’re not entirely sure where to look. Roblox can be confusing to navigate if you’re a first-time user, but in this article, we’re going to walk you through a quick and simple guide on how to find song IDs on Roblox. 

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Let’s get right into it. 

How Do You Find Song IDs On Roblox?


Once you know a song’s ID, you’re able to play your favorite tunes alongside whatever game you’re playing. It’s important to note that different Roblox games have different items for playing music. Make sure that the game you’re playing supports the music-playing feature. Games on Roblox with music-playing items allow you to find songs and song IDs. 

These items are:

  1. The Boombox
  2. The Radio 

Therefore, if you want to play music on Roblox, make sure that the game comes with the Boombox or Radio feature. If the game doesn’t have either feature, you might need to buy them by using Robux. However, some games come with a free Boombox or Radio, so you won’t always have to purchase them.

It’s worth noting that if you’re a Roblox administrator, you can find and play music simply by using an admin command. 

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When trying to find a song ID on Roblox, here’s what you need to do: 

  1. Go to the official Roblox website. 
  2. Log in to your account.
  3. Go to the Audio tab and locate the search bar. 
  4. Over here, you’ll see a list of sound effects and songs. 
  5. Type in the song title that you want to listen to.
  6. After the song pops up, you will see a URL that looks like this: 
  7. After the word library is a numerical code, you need to copy this code. 
  8. Once you’ve copied the numerical code, paste it into your boombox. 
  9. Now, the sound or song of you choice should play. 

Benefits of Song IDs on Roblox

While it can be a bit confusing to try and understand how song IDs work on Roblox, we’d argue that they make life so much easier for you once you figure out how they work. 

  1. You can find songs and sounds more easily.

If you’re an avid gamer who enjoys background music, you might find it hard to play without listening to something. However, locating a particular song or sound is really hard because of how extensive the Roblox audio database is. Therefore, song IDs allow you to track those sounds down quickly. 

  1. It is hard to memorize a particular numerical code.

Each song ID has a numerical code consisting of ten digits. Unless you’re great at remembering long combinations of numbers, you’ll probably find it really hard to memorize the various numerical combinations. Therefore, the song IDs come in to help you quickly locate the song or audio clip of your choice without any hassle. 

  1. They improve the gaming experience.

As you’ve learned by now, finding song IDs on Roblox makes life easier for you by preventing you from memorizing tons of codes. It can also improve your overall gaming experience because you won’t have to stop and spend a ton of time searching for a song title! All you need to do is simply insert the song ID into your Radio or Boombox, and you can continue gaming. 

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How to Improve Gaming Experience on Roblox with Song IDs

Here’s a quick list of tips to help you improve your Roblox gaming experience. 

  1. Save all your favorite song IDs to a single Google doc or Word file as you find them. 
  2. Organize the sounds based one mood, ambience, or genre. 
  3. Enter the song ID into Roblox before you begin playing so as to avoid interrupting your gaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do song IDs still work in Roblox?

Yes, song IDs still work in Roblox. Though some people thought that song IDs stopped working, this is a myth and they still work. 

  1. Can you get banned on Roblox for music?

Yes, you can get banned from Roblox for music. This will happen if you upload a song or soundtrack that has a copyright attached to it. 

  1. How many times does Roblox ban you?

Roblox will ban you 3 times before they ban you permanently. The first three bans differ in length; you’ll first be banned for 24 hours, then 72 hours the second time, and for 7 days the third time. 


Now you know how to find a song ID on Roblox! As we mentioned in the introduction, it can be a bit confusing to figure out how song IDs at first, but hopefully, this guide helped you figure it out. We also took you through some of the benefits of using song IDs as well as how to use them to improve your overall experience of gaming. 

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