How to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3?

How often does it happen that you come across a fantastic song on YouTube but can’t seem to find the audio file of the song anywhere else? Happens quite often, doesn’t it? With the growth of technology and the internet’s evolving power, more and more YouTube to mp3 converter websites are becoming available.

But, as the number of websites grows, so does the confusion. Which one should one choose? Which one is reliable? The questions are innumerable, and the answers are constrained.

For someone who lives and breathes music, I have tried a plethora of such converters and the one that stood out for me was the SnapDownloader.

The platform is versatile and enables you to download audio files from YouTube videos and other videos directly from Facebook, Twitter, and Vimeo. Sounds like a good deal, right?

Why Use Snapdownloader? 

Before I walk you through the steps to convert a YouTube video into an audio file, let us discuss why Snapdownloader is worth your time.

1. Offers Higher Resolution Support

The first factor that makes this platform a favorable one is download resolution and quality. It allows you to download videos with up to 8K resolutions. It allows you to download your favorite files in the best quality to enjoy watching offline.

2. Omnichannel Functionality

Not just on YouTube, the platform works for downloading video and audio files from Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Vimeo, Coub, and a few more. It ensures versatility and allows you to extract your video or audio files from any social media channel.

3. Supports Mp4 and Mp3 Conversion

The highlight of this platform is its seamless mp3 and mp4 conversion at a click of a button. Once you download the desired file, it allows you to enjoy them offline without any interruptions.

4. Allows Batch Downloads

Perfect for multiple downloads as you can queue up the downloads and forget about them. Once the files are complete downloading, the website notifies you of the same.

How to Convert YouTube Videos into Mp3 Files?

Let’s address the question of the hour. If you are using Snapdownloader, the process is pretty simple and straightforward and takes about 2-3 minutes, depending on your internet speed.

Steps to follow:

  • Start by downloading or installing Snapdownloader on any of your devices.
  • Once done, you need to copy the link of the YouTube file that you wish to convert into an audio or mp3 format.
  • After copying the link, open Snapdownloader and paste the link in the Search Bar.
  • Once you click on Search, the website will redirect to a page with the mp3 download link.
  • Click on the “Mp3” button from the format mentioned.
  • Following that, click on the Download option, and promptly right after, the downloading starts.

If you have never used Snapdownloader before, you’d be amazed at how straightforward and easy the entire process is. It is available on both Mac and Windows operating systems, which again is a boon.


For those who have been stuck not able to convert your YouTube videos into audio formats, we hope this information comes in handy for you. Make sure you follow the steps mentioned and have a good internet connection for the uninterrupted downloading experience.

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