3 Social Media Platforms that You Can’t Ignore in Your Next Marketing Campaign

Social media marketing is now an essential part of any marketing strategy and it will become more and more important with each passing year. The biggest advantage lies in the fact that social networks allow a business to find and target their potential customers directly with marketing. The massive amount of data that companies can collect from social media accounts, about a user’s interests, hobbies, purchasing habits, personality and just about everything else, enables them to shortlist potential customers with a higher conversion rate than was ever thought possible. Prioritize marketing on the three following platforms to make the best of your next digital ad campaign, if you are not doing so already.


Most people think about Facebook before any other site when the term social network is mentioned and that’s exactly what makes it the most important platform for you to invest in. Facebook has more than 1.86 billion users in the entire world which makes the social media site the biggest platform for reaching out to customers all around the globe. Additionally, Facebook’s demographics and advertising tools are the best in business, with pinpoint targeting available for Facebook Ads. Facebook is also a great place to find influencers with a large following, who can spread your company’s brand name across a large number of people who follow these profiles or pages.


Instagram is all about photos and that’s exactly what makes it ideal for marketing. An image takes just a few seconds or less to look at and can get a point across faster than any other medium. Any business with a loyal Instagram following should regularly engage its followers with photo contests. Just tell them to add your brand name in a hashtag to stand a chance at winning and you should be generating more traffic every hour. Just like Facebook, seek and hire popular people on Instagram who can act as influencers for your company. Recent studies are showing that Instagram content is significantly more engaging than even Facebook and Twitter content.


Videos are easier to understand and more self-explanatory than written content in most cases and it has been found that even small channels on YouTube manage to gain a substantial number of subscribers with regular uploading and proper SEO. Unknown to many, YouTube is not just a social media platform, but also one of the most popular search engines as well. Aside from that, consider the fact that each time someone searches on Google about something, YouTube videos will always be the first video content that the search engine will try to show the user because, well, YouTube is owned by the world’s number one search engine, Google. Upload video content regularly on your channel, use YouTube Ads and popular video bloggers on the site to spread the word about your brand.

Although Twitter, Pinterest, Yelp, Snapchat etc. can also be very effective in generating target traffic for your business, these are the top three social media sites that should be the priority when preparing your next social media marketing budget.

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