How to Choose the Best Lightning Detection System

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Lightning is often produced during rain and storm. Although lightening from storm and rain is mostly safe, during extreme weather conditions, the same lightening can be life-threatening. This is true especially in cases if you are outdoors when the storm is taking place.

In hazardous storms, it always a good idea to keep yourself safe than be sorry later. No one can prevent lightning from striking during a heavy storm, but you can always keep yourself away from places where lightning will usually strike using lightning detectors. 

There are plenty of personal lightning detectors that can warn you if you are in a location where the lightning strike is imminent, but how do you tell if a system is reliable? We have a small guide that will help you choose the best lightning detection systems to accurately tell you of the dangers. 

The very first question comes to mind when shopping for a lightning detector is why would you need it in the first place. Back in the day, these systems were only available to commercial airliners who used weather sensors mounted on their commercial planes to provide ultra-accurate weather forecasts

But nowadays, the very same technology is available for people for personal use. There are two commonly available variants of these detection systems available today – professional and personal. The one that suits you best depends on your usage. 

Personal lightning detectors

These lightning detectors are strictly for personal use only. They are perfect for you if you are someone who camps a lot or is mostly outdoors. These devices can help you provide weather and lightning strike warnings on a personal level. Because they are portable, you can bring them with you anywhere you go. 

Personal lightning detectors are limited in their capabilities, hence they are a lot more affordable when compared to professional versions. 

Professional detectors

Professional lightning detectors, on the other hand, are designed with advanced technology that provides enhanced performance and accuracy. These expensive systems are meant to be used for professional use only. If you are a business owner who has men working outdoors, this is the best system to get. 

What technologies matter?

Lightning detection systems come in varied technologies that change the way the device works. Here are some of the most commonly available technologies to lightning detection systems.


This technology is used in high-performance lightning detectors. With this technology, you can receive highly accurate lightning data usually meant for multi-station purposes.

Radio Frequency Detector

This technology allows a lightning detector to measure the volume of energy released by lightning. This provides you an estimate of the direction and distance of the lightning strike. Used on personal detectors only.


A lighting system can have many different technologies incorporated in it but the most important one is alarms and alerts. A good lighting system should be able to warn you of the approaching storm. The alarm system catches your attention quickly by using loud audio or visual signals. 

So when buying a lightning detector system, make sure it at least has alarms and alert system. 

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