How to Choose an Electric Scooter?

How to Choose an Electric Scooter

Purchasing a vehicle is never an easy task. It does not matter whether it is a luxury premium car or a simple electric scooter to take a ride to the store or to work. Buyers will always wonder what electric scooter is better to choose: with motor-wheel or belt drive, with a lead battery or lithium-ion. Let us try to answer all your questions about this wonderful invention and tell you how to choose the best electric scooter at

First of all, the purchaser of electrical equipment needs to answer questions about the upcoming use of the scooter. Will it be used daily or only on weekends? Where will it be stored? How far away will it be used for trips? Will you want to ride it on level ground or on paving stones, gravel, or sand? Depending on the purpose of the product is to identify a category of products: sports, walking, extreme, urban scooters.

Then it is necessary to examine successively the selection criteria for electric scooters, formulating at the end of this work an idea of the ideal vehicle. In short, the buyer should choose the type of construction, battery, wheels, engine, suspension, brakes. The weight of the product, the speed of travel, and the distance that the unit can cover on a single charge also play an important role.

How to choose an electric scooter by battery and motor

The two basic elements of any e-scooter are the battery and the motor. It is this bundle, combined with the drive that transmits torque to the wheels, that provides the optimal speed and power of the vehicle.

  • The battery can be made with different electrolytes and can be characterized by different capacities. Rule one: when choosing between lead-acid and lithium batteries, you should prefer the latter, because they are lighter, safer, and more durable. Rule number two: the greater the capacity of the battery, the longer each charge will be sufficient.
  • Electric motors in scooters are made in the form of an element of the wheel (in this case we talk about the motor-wheel system) or can be a separate part, connected to the wheels by a belt or chain. More and more often manufacturers are inclined to make scooters with a motor-wheel because this makes the design cheaper, ensures the motor is airtight and also gives the product a neat appearance.

Construction, suspension, brakes

The monolith is more reliable and durable, it is more convenient to control, it is more stable. But a scooter-constructor is more convenient in a megalopolis, especially if it is to be stored on a mezzanine in winter.

The weight of the product affects its material, type of wheels, battery, and motor characteristics. If you want the lightest solution, then take a carbon body, lithium battery, motor-wheel.

The mistake of many riders, solving the problem of how to choose an electric scooter adult, is that they ignore such an element as the suspension. Many simply believe that the scooter does not need it. Both cushioning and suspension – things for individual electric transport are very necessary because it is on their shoulders falls the task of softening the unevenness of the roads. A scooter’s suspension can be either pneumatic or spring. Both options allow you to achieve the desired result, but the best solution will be a combination of pneumatic wheels and shock absorption. An obligatory accessory of every speed scooter is the brakes. Usually, manufacturers equip their equipment with a double set of brakes: both an electronic system and a mechanical one. Mechanical brakes are considered mandatory on powerful models.

Choosing the best electric scooter by wheels

Experienced riders are well aware that the comfort of using this means of transportation depends largely on how the scooter interacts with the surface on which it rides. It is the process of selecting wheels that determines how well the user of the equipment will feel at its wheel.

  • Cast iron wheels are only worth buying if you plan to ride in parks and on smooth sidewalks. In all other conditions, there will be great discomfort.
  • An air tube will be ideal for surfaces with a catch, including off-roading. It will give good cushioning almost everywhere. Of the disadvantages is the risk of puncturing such a wheel.

The typical diameter of an electric scooter wheel is 8 to 10 inches. However, the smaller this parameter, the fewer possibilities the vehicle has, the more it is not controllable. It is unpleasant and even dangerous to ride on 10” wheels, so it is better to choose larger and more reliable wheels.

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