How the eSports Betting Industry is Growing

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Online gambling has had a major following for many years now, and with all things, new and exciting ways to play have been created with most online bookmakers taking up the casino gaming side of the business too. eSports is another type of online gambling that has arrived and almost immediately exploded in popularity thanks to its broad appeal. looks at the industry and charts the rise in popularity.

eSports Explained

eSports refers to the practice of betting on competitors who are streaming their video games live online. The challengers are professional gamers, and the games they play are varied. Punters can watch the games live and place bets on the outcomes. The most popular games are first-person shooters and multiplay battle style games, but you will also find eSports betting with games like Pokemon and Overwatch. There is a lot of competition to get to be the pro-gamers that play in these tournaments, and it is a fiercely competitive arena.

Scope for Growth

It has been predicted that this is one area that will continue to grow until 2021 when it reaches a net yearly worth of $165, of course, this cannot be proven but in 2017, while still relatively new the industry generated $655 which was more than anyone could have imagined. In 2018 the growth surprised everyone once more, and this time at the end of the year it was worth £906 million. By close of play this year, 2019, the experts have once again predicted growth that they reckon would see a revenue of over $1.18 billion.

Why So Much Growth?

In order to be a success, you have to capture the imagination of the punters and eSports has done just that, and part of the growth is the awareness that is spreading with new punters finding the game every day. Professional gamers are also doing their bit to push popularity as it is something they love to be doing. It has been said to be the perfect sport for the lull between major sporting events as seasons finish and change. As more and more punters want to get involved, it will also lead to more bookmakers wanting to offer eSports on their websites.

As with any industry, expansion will also come in the form of new games while we have highlighted the most popular, it will not stop there and more games will come online as pro-gamers create new tournaments that are bigger and better, and as they introduce new games to the mix. The best games are the ones that offer a high level of action with an outcome that is realised quickly, which is why live action role play games are not as often used, but there are still plenty of other games to come online. Changing technology will also aid the industry with mobile phones playing a large part in life, and gamers liking the freedom they offer, advancements here will undoubtedly help.

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