How Do Moving Companies Work? What Do They Do?

Knowledge of how movers operate is integral to the relocation process. Top-rated movers typically send a relocation specialist directly to your home to perform an in-home estimate and assess any special circumstances that might exist during this move.

Professional movers will inspect closets, crawl spaces and other locations in order to gain an in-depth picture of what needs to be moved and conduct a visual survey to ascertain an estimated weight for your shipment.


When thinking of moving companies, one image that comes to mind is of professionals arriving on move day to pack up everything up and load their truck with everything. While this is their primary function, there’s much more they offer as part of their services.

Most full-service moving companies provide clients with services designed to make the process of relocation less challenging, including packing, storage and insurance services. Some even provide assembly/disassembly of furniture or large items as an added convenience.

Professional movers use quality packing materials and loading techniques to protect your belongings during transit, such as bubble wrap, packing paper and tape to cushion and secure items in boxes. In addition, they may offer special packing services for fragile or valuable items.

Loading is one of the most crucial steps of moving and where many individuals make costly errors that result in lost or damaged items. Professional movers understand how to pack efficiently so more can fit in a truck; heavier items should also be placed at the bottom while lighter ones on top so as to prevent potential damages from being dropped on them.

Loading can be made simpler when equipped with the necessary equipment and experienced personnel, which is why hiring a reliable moving company with certified crews who can safely manage any load quickly is always best.

Full-service moving companies take care in every detail of your relocation from start to finish. After an initial assessment of your space and needs, they’ll develop a plan to get the job done smoothly and give you a quote that includes cost of moving services as well as estimated weight and fees/taxes associated with their services.


Once packed and loaded, the moving company crew will transport your possessions to your new home. They will ensure all items are safely secured and cushioned before loading them into suitable vehicles such as trucks, vans or even helicopters for extra large or heavy items. Some full-service movers also provide cleaning services post move in order to remove any trash left by their team.

Some moving companies may provide you with a flat rate quote based on the size, number and services requested of your home and moving company. This may be useful when moving into smaller apartments and studios as the movers will have more room to maneuver into smaller spaces with their equipment. However, some moving services still charge per hour so be sure to inquire beforehand!

Some movers offer additional services at an additional fee, such as assembly and disassembly services. These are particularly beneficial when transporting larger pieces such as refrigerators or washer-dryers that can be tricky to move without proper tools, while experienced movers are usually fast at reassembling items at their new destination.

Long-distance moves are more complex than local ones and typically require the services of an established moving company with access to an array of specialized vehicles – typically larger vehicles with features like air ride suspension for optimal protection during transport. Furthermore, long distance movers typically charge by weight and distance traveled plus any specialty services requested by you.

If you are considering hiring a professional moving service company, it is vital that they be licensed and insured. Registered with FMCSA and adhering to specific government standards are important factors in finding an appropriate moving service; additionally they must carry liability coverage which protects against lost or damaged belongings during transport.

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