How Do I Become a Game Developer in 2020

In 2020, there are a lot of naysayers out there who think all game developers will be out of work in the next few years. Due to the advent of Artificial Intelligence and Software Automation, a lot of wannabe game developers are worried about their career choice. Surely, the new technology will force the industry to make massive changes in production but like in every other industry, the game developers will adapt too.

64% of the general U.S. population are gamers,” says a stat from WePC. That’s a huge number. Moreover, the average age of both male and female gamers is somewhere around 34. The future for a game developer is always going to remain bright. Furthermore, a growing number of people are developing video games as a hobby. With easy monetization methods, they are also able to make some side-income.

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What Steps Should I Take to Become a Game Developer in 2020

1) Have Basic Programming Knowledge

You cannot become a game developer without knowing fundamental programming languages such as C, C++, Java, etc. You also need to be acquainted with at least one database system. Game development is all about art, design, and code. Since you have chosen to program as your profession, you are expected to be proficient in logical thinking and problem-solving.

2) Learn to Create a Pseudo Reality

Developing a game is all about creating a software that will make the gamer feel like the reality they are witnessing is actual–in some cases more realistic than the physical world. To make this happen, you need to understand how the game physics work.

These days, cross-platform game engines like Unity and Unreal have made it possible to lay down the rules of the game without having to code from scratch. You can pick and choose from a multitude of ready-to-use game  templates.

3) Expand Your Knowledge

No one can grow without continually educating themselves about their craft. From your busy day, take a few minutes or hours out to sit and study, watch videos, listen to podcasts, etc related to gaming. They don’t necessarily have to be about programming. By knowing more about the industry you work in you can set yourself apart from the rest, especially when others are happy being stagnant.

4) Attend a Coding Bootcamp

Finally, after weeks of self-study, you can be ready to attend a coding Bootcamp. Bootcamps are generally specific to an industry and a particular programming language. C++ and Java are the most used languages in game development. At Bootcamp, you can expect to learn the practical aspects of developing a video game. Do not forget to take notes and save the projects–you worked on–during the Bootcamp.

How Much Does a Game Developer Earn in 2020?

Needless to say, the amount you earn as a game developer will depend on the location you are at. Generally, the companies located in the San Francisco Bay area pay a high salary. An experienced game developer can earn up to $63,543.

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