How Can You Get More Likes on Instagram?

Instagram is probably the most efficient social media platform there is if you are planning to expand your customer base or increase your brand’s overall recognition. There are many practices to make your Instagram profile an all-around success and having a good number of Instagram likes and followers is on the top of that list. 

Instagram likes are highly valuable for businesses or individuals as they are immensely effective to increase social proof, engagement, and visibility. We listed some of the best practices for you to get more likes on Instagram below:

instagram tips

Create Great Content: Instagram is a photo-sharing platform in its essence. So it is a good practice to keep your posts well-lighted and on focus. Aesthetically appealing photos are sure to increase your chances to get more likes.

Use Right Hashtags: Hashtags are designed to get your content seen by users who are not following your Instagram account. Make sure to include hashtags on your posts to reach those users. You can use hashtags also on the comments section to be able to add more of them. 

Run Like & Tag Contests: Like & tag contests and giveaways are both incredible ways to get more followers and likes on Instagram. These giveaways do not have to be expensive, it is sensible to start with a simple prize then increase it.

Have a Consistent Theme: Using consistent color patterns and filters will help you maintain a visual identity for your brand so that users will be more likely to give your posts likes on Instagram.

Share “Behind the Scenes” Photos: It is important to have authentic posts on Instagram and there is nothing like a good “behind the scenes” photo series to make that happen. You can show photos of your employees or from your production processes.

Buy Instagram Likes: If you want to grow your brand’s social proof as well as its influence on your industry, buying Instagram likes can be a great way to achieve it quickly. You can use the trusted and low-cost IG likes provider to get likes from high-quality accounts.

Summary of How Can You Get More Likes on Instagram 

Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms in today’s world. Therefore, it is essential for businesses to be a relevant part of it with a high number of likes and followers. It is a smart move for brands and individuals to know more about how to get more likes on instagram to elevate their positive social proof and overall engagement

If you’re posting on behalf of a business, you’ll want to protect yourself with professional liability insurance. That way, if your Instagram posts ever lead to a dispute, your costs will be covered.

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