10 Unique Ways to Get More Instagram Followers and Likes

Instagram is no longer a simple social network where you can share your hashtag photos, or rather, it is not only this. Instagram has, in fact, become an essential tool to increase your company’s online visibility and turnover, as well as a powerful tool in a growth hacking strategy.

Even if the number of followers is not directly proportional to the success, being able to count on a quality “fan base” is fundamental. That’s why in this article, we will tell you about some tricks that will help you increase followers on Instagram in 10 simple steps.

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Before starting, remember that an effective strategy does not include shortcuts or magic formulas. Even the best mix of techniques and digital activities takes its time. If you want extraordinary results, then you must be patient and be constant. So, discover the ten unique ways to increase Instagram followers and likes, let’s start!

1: Choose the best formats

Let’s start with the post format, which is often underestimated.

Until some time ago, there was no possibility to publish a photo on Instagram with dimensions other than those imposed. 

Fortunately, this is no longer the case; in fact, it will be possible to publish content in other dimensions. The recommended format is only one i.e., a portrait and the dimensions are the 1080 x 1350 pixels.

2: Content quality

Instagram is bombarded with mediocre content, which is published without criterion by thousands of users. Many forget that this Social Network was created to express their creativity and inspiration through photographic content.

3: The visual impact is everything.

Forget about copying posts somewhere and reposting them on your profile.

You will have no benefit. Rather take an idea and recreate content from scratch is an original key. Also, try to tell a story through your photos, videos, and stories.

Ask yourself:

What do I want to pass on to my followers?

Why should they follow me?

Why should they be interested in my content?

4: Publish constantly, but not too much

The frequency of publication is a fundamental parameter to continue to obtain good engagement but avoid posting too many photos or videos. Remember, consistency is the key. To simplify your life, however, you could rely on a tool that will allow you to schedule photos, videos, and even stories and then publish them automatically on your profile.

5: Publish the right.

After countless tests carried out on Instagram profiles, we have concluded that it is better to publish one or a maximum of two posts per day. Publish on the right days and times. The only way to fully exploit the potential of your photo or video is to publish it at the right time.

At this point you will have to ask yourself a question:

Do you really know your followers?

Do you know the days and times when they are most active?

Then start studying. To do this, you will need to switch to the business profile. If you haven’t done it yet, do it!

Here are the steps to take:

  1. Open the Instagram app
  2. Go to the settings
  3. Click on the item “Switch to a business profile.”

6: Using the best hashtags is not enough

A change in habits is needed. If before there were several benefits to adding only the most popular hashtags of a certain category, now the matter has changed.

The algorithm that manages this aspect has been modified, and now it would seem to prefer fewer hashtags and more attention to affinity.

Let’s take a practical example. Let’s say you want to publish a photo of a cat; we will no longer have to insert hashtags like # like4like, # like4follow, # follow4follow, and so on and not even reach the limit of 30 hashtags at a time. Forget these hashtags and forget this method. This activity could be detected as SPAM by Instagram and, therefore, the expected benefits in terms of visibility are not obtained.

Here’s how they should be set up:

  • 10 or max 15 hashtags per post
  • Hashtag of medium popularity (from 1000 / 10.000 max)
  • Hashtag selected by the theme of the post you want to publish

7: Use stories 

Are you sure you are making the most of the potential of the stories?

Over 500 million people use stories on Instagram every day. Even in Europe, it is already widespread as a habit, so much so that you cannot avoid riding this trend.

It is another effective way to:

  • Reach new users as the stories are in another feed
  • Encourage users to interact with your posts
  • Increase empathy with your followers

8: Go live

Have you ever done a live broadcast on Instagram?

There are several advantages, but there is one in particular that will make you change your mind. When you start a live broadcast on your profile, a notification will be sent to all of your followers to inform them when you go live! Well, here’s another way to get noticed by your followers and encourage them to interact with you and your great posts! 

9: Join the Telegram and Instagram pods, groups

Ever heard of Telegram groups or Instagram pods?

These are real groups of people who come together to help each other by exchanging likes and comments according to their requests.

Basically, it works like this:

  • Join the group
  • Leave likes and comments to already published posts
  • Publish your latest post and ask for like and / or comments
  • Everyone returns the favor

It is important to receive many likes and other interactions in the first minutes of publication if you want to increase the visibility of the post and increase the chances of ending up in the popular section. It is the only “place” that enjoys the greatest exposure on Instagram. There are thousands of Telegram or Instagram pods groups (groups directed on Instagram) that can be found around the web, cataloged by target (travel, beauty, fashion blogger, etc.).

10: Sponsorships

Alas, you will have to do them to get the right push! Promote your best content, better if in video format. If you do not have the skills and/or do not have time to learn how to do it yourself, you can rely on the expert team, who take care of the management of the adverts and offer you a dedicated consultation.


Unlike a Facebook page, which is now really a difficult task to have organic visibility (without paying), Instagram still has its advantages in this respect.

Try to follow all the tips in this guide carefully, and enjoy huge following count and thousands of Instagram likes on your posts.

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