Hot Pod Floating Spa makes the rich more comfortable and us more envious

hot pod floating spa

Those rich guys just never have enough, do they? As if having an olympic sized swimming pool and lagoon style spa wasn’t enough. The Hot Pod Floating Spa helps the wealthy not have to strain their legs by walking ten feet to their in ground hot tub, by bringing the spa to the pool.

They can now enjoy both the cool, refreshing feeling of pool water, with the relaxing hydro therapy of spa luxury. The Hot Pod Spa works by taking water from your pool heater and pumping it through specially hydro-engineered jets, while the rest of the pool around you stays completely cool and serene.

Composed of heavy duty nylon, the Hot Pod is supposed to be made to last a while. But we know how those damn rich guys make their money. Our nylon tubes use to pop all the time when we were kids, so we don’t see the difference with one of these. Especially when your shelling out $800 for this floating spa.

Over-exuberant? Definitely. Worth the money? Probably not. Unique and top of the line? Seems like it. Should you get one? Not unless your neighbors with Bill Gates. Or Bill Gates himself of course. Oh, and Bill if you’re reading this, get some better developers. — Andrew Dobrow

Hot Pod  Floating Spa [via Born Rich]

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