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Diving Mask Camera Takes A Look Under The Sea

This sexy Liquid Image Digital Underwater Camera records images and video as you swim around your swimming pool or in the ocean. Nobody is safe anymore. Available in two difference varieties. An adult-version which features a 5 MP CMOS camera, and a smaller version featuring a 3 MP camera. The lenses of the goggles feature cross hairs which help you ...

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Stretch Mini Cooper Limo is ridiculous with a built-in swimming pool

I don’t think anyone (except maybe the designer of this car) has ever said to themselves “Ya know, I would really love a Strech Mini Cooper Limo with a built-in swimming pool”. But then again, people have said crazier. The Mini Cooper S Limo was designed by a specialist coach builder in Los Angeles (where else?) and is being nicknamed ...

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Floating iPod Sound System waterproofs your music – CES 2007

Summer might seem far away now, with temperatures well below the comfortable level, but these frigid months will pass quicker then you think. When the temperatures pull a 180 and become uncomfortably hot, you might want to just lie around the pool all day and soak. And if you don’t have a pool, at least in an iced bath tub. ...

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