High Tech: Yankee Stadium


While I’m not a Yankees fan, one can’t deny the popularity and rich history of one of the most famous baseball teams ever. Their new stadium is still being completed in time for the 2009 season that starts next month and it’s shaping up to be quite the experience. Shown above is the 103-by-58-foot 1080p display that will show fans replays, home runs and a whole lot of advertisements. It has features like picture-in-picture and can show four different video sources at a time.

Additionally, the new Yankee Stadium will feature a stadium-wide LED ribbon created by Daktroniks. It will display game info and light up like a wild rock concert when need be. And did I mention the 550 Sony BRAVIAs scattered around? It’s going to be a good year for baseball fans in New York.



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  1. unreal, i wonder what the electricity bill is on that thing for 1game. I wish the redsox would get a new place to play in.

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