High School Musical brings karaoke to the Wii


Aside from little foam add-ons, no American Wii game has been sold with additional hardware. Apparently the Wiimote had been enough for our needs. The upcoming release from the super popular soundtrack is High School Musical. Much like its affinity for getting children interested in musicals, the game also plans to break ground on the Wii battleground. High School Musical will ship with a microphone for the moments in the game where you will need to sing your heart out, and is expected to ship in August.

High School Musical will follow the plot of the made-for-TV Disney movie, while the included karaoke songs will be for music from the second installment of the series. Who would ┬áhave thought that a karaoke game involved a plot? High School Musical now engages in a race with Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party to be the first game to release specialized hardware for the Wii. As well as the first full music themed game. — Andrew Dobrow

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