Hidden Tricks to Augment your Chances of Winning Live Casino Games

Online casino games are gaining traction worldwide, and for the right reasons. They are fun and accessible and bring you a chance to score big wins. Among all the different casino games, one category that stays relevant is live casino.

With high-risk factors comes better chances of securing a big win in live casino games. But how do you go about the process?

This article explores the top hidden tricks that can elevate your chances of securing a big win in live casino games.

1. Know the Tricks First

Live casino games like baccarat, roulette, and blackjack come with their unique traits. So, if you want to secure a big win, it’s not a question that you have to know the basic tricks of the game first. This includes knowing when to hold and fold your hand in the game. Timing is key to your casino game strategy, and if you don’t master that, chances are that nothing will allow you to secure the big win.

2. Banker is your Best Bet

Live Baccarat is one of the most accessible games for reasons known. The player generally places the first bet, so the decision is on you. How do you go about it? The most important trick we recommend is placing your bet on the banker since that’s your safest bet. Statistics suggest that the banker wins around 53% of the time, ensuring you a chance at a big win.

3. Play on Single Zero Wheel

This one is for casino players who indulge a lot in roulette. It is no question that roulette is a high-yielding game that comes with optimal chances of you securing a big win. But, the double-zero wheel is where the problems lie. They are fairly new in the roulette world and don’t bring much to your chances of winning. We recommend that you stick to the single-zero wheel with numbers between 0-36.

4. Don’t Play on Emotions

As human beings, we are often charged with emotions and make rash decisions in the heat of the moment. You need to avoid doing that in a game of live casino. If you have lost a bet, don’t let that negative emotion influence your next move. Instead, think rationally and place your next bets so they count. Sometimes, you need to understand that online casino is a game of fate too.

5. Pick a Good Live Casino Operator

With traditional casinos, you get to witness the games in real time. But, with online live casinos, you can be misled if the platform isn’t reliable. We recommend you pick a good live casino operator with a stable reputation on the internet. Pick one that also offers great bonuses and perks because that makes a lot of difference.


Live casino games are fun, but you need to unlock the tricks to secure a big win. We hope this article gives you a detailed insight into the process and what you can do to secure that big win. Also, an additional pro tip always manages your finances well before playing in a live casino game.

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