5 Online Casino Games That Have The Best Odds

The casino games industry is one of the biggest gaming sectors on the planet. There is a never-ending variety of different gambling games that come with their own particular sets of odds and outcomes, with some having more potential for big winnings than others. For those intrigued by the gambling industry, it’s no secret that the house always wins, meaning the odds will always be in favor of the provider, in order for the establishment to be able to make a profit, otherwise, it wouldn’t even be worth opening a casino, if it doesn’t make the owners any money. This is why it’s always good to gamble cautiously and not get carried away, since at some point or another, careless gambling can easily lead to big financial losses and even bankruptcy.

Choosing the Most Ideal Casino Games

This does not mean however that it’s not possible to come out of the casino with a profit, especially if you know which games to gamble on. The trick isn’t being proficient in all the games, it’s more in the lines of knowing which games to play and which to avoid since certain games are known to be of much higher advantage to the player than others, giving them much better odds, hence having a much better chance of winning.

Choosing the Most Ideal Casino Providers

Another key factor in house odds varieties is the differences between different providers since the same games can vary in odds across different casinos. Casinos tend to release games with highly competitive odds in order to attract more players and stand out amongst their competition.

The advantage of offshore casinos

The US market for online casinos is still in its infancy. Not all states have yet legalized the provision of online gambling services. This however can be bypassed with the use of offshore casinos, which are licensed and regulated in other countries. There is no law anywhere in the US that does not allow citizens to use casino sites that are deemed completely safe to use from other countries. This is why it’s ideal for players looking for good sites to learn more about secure offshore online casino sites, which could have much better odds and be extremely secure at the same time.

Top Five Casino Games With the Best Odds

When looking for the casino games with the best odds in favor of the player, it all boils down to house edge. Those games which have the lowest house edge give the player the biggest chance to win. Even if the winnings are small, it doesn’t matter, as long as the player has the highest chance of coming out on top.


The game of blackjack is one of the oldest and most popular games to gamble on at the casino. This is due to the fact that it’s only played between the player and the house, and the odds of winning are pretty much even with those of losing. The odds of winning a game of blackjack are around 49%, and it’s one of the few casino games in the world that can be beaten with a certain level of skill, rather than being solely based on the player’s luck.


Roulette is also one of the most iconic casino games out there. Granted it might be a bit less based on skill and more based on luck and budget, however, the odds of winning a round of roulette can be as high as 50%. This is due to the numerous bet options one can place – either betting on one out of 37 numbers, which is the toughest bet you can win with the lowest odds or by betting on a group of numbers scattered across the board. If you bet on red/black or odd/even, your chances of winning are going to be 50/50, One thing you should keep in mind when placing 50/50 bets in roulette is the green zeroes, since they are the only exception to the 50/50 rule, and this gives the house its edge. European Roulette has less house edge because the Euro table consists of numbers 1-36 and a green zero, as opposed to the American version, which has two zero sections, the ‘0’ and the ‘00’.


Players from all across the globe admit that the Craps table’s boxes might be scary to a newcomer. But it’s not difficult, and you have a good chance of winning. In the end, you’re just wagering on a dice roll.


When it comes to casino games, Baccarat is one of the most well-known and well-respected. In addition to the classic version, there is a slew of fascinating spinoffs, including the Mini version, Baccarat Banque, Punto Banco, and Chemin de Fer.

There is only a 1.06 percent house advantage for the banker, and 1.24 percent for the player’s hand, but the average house advantage is more than 14 percent at other gambling sites, so be mindful to choose where you play.

Cash or Crash

An astounding RTP of 99.6 percent may be seen in Evolution’s live dealer game called Cash or Crash. Large colorful balls occupy the middle of an enormous airship, which is used in this game. No matter how inexperienced you are, you can always count on a conductor to lead the way and keep an eye on the big picture. When you play Evolution’s live dealer game Cash or Crash, you can expect an astounding return on investment (ROI) of 99.6 percent. Large colorful balls occupy the middle of an enormous airship, which is the setting for the game’s action. No matter how inexperienced you are, you can always count on a conductor to lead the way and keep an eye on the big picture.

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