Hardcore Bullet Flash Drive

Are the ladies not impressed by your old school flash drive or classy wine cork USB drive anymore? Crooks and Castles has the solution. They’ve designed a badass flash drive that’s encased in a machine gun bullet. Nobody will mess with you when you’re carrying your files around in this thing.

Hypebeast spotted the 1GB bullet USB drive at a trade show and it doesn’t seem like it’s available to the public yet. I think the bullet flash drive will be a hit if they decide to put it on sale. Wearing this thing around your neck would be the perfect way to proclaim your undying love for Counter Strike, gamers will go nuts for these


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  1. como que eu fa´┐Żo para adquirir um desses em.. fico no aguardo

  2. how can i buy it plz answer me

  3. Really want to know where/how to buy. Also Im curious on price. Please get back to me.

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