Han Solo in Carbonite LEGO Minifig

For some of our favorite pop culture characters, an official LEGO minifig is nothing but a pipe dream. We rely on custom producers much more talented then ourselves to create the minifigs that the powers that be at LEGO have yet to grace us with. Han Solo has been reproduced in minifig form multiple times, but finally LEGO has released a fig made to recreate the scenes in which Han Solo was encased in Carbonite.

If you’re a hardcore collector you can purchase the entire Slave One set, but if you’re just looking for the Han minifig, you can grab it from from Amazon for a fraction of the price. $24.99 might seem a little hefty for a 2″ tall piece of plastic, but that’s the price we pay.

[amazon link=”B003Y5JNNI” title=”Link”] [via]

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