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You in Carbonite: Custom Carbonite Sculptures

While Han might have shot first, he certainly didn’t pull off a miracle to keep himself carbonite-free. The Han Solo in Carbonite image has become one of the many iconic images from the Star Wars films. And now, you can be a part of it. Designer Paul Pape creates custom made-to-order Carbonite sculptures, replacing Han Solo with a custom model ...

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Han Solo in Carbonite LEGO Minifig

For some of our favorite pop culture characters, an official LEGO minifig is nothing but a pipe dream. We rely on custom producers much more talented then ourselves to create the minifigs that the powers that be at LEGO have yet to grace us with. Han Solo has been reproduced in minifig form multiple times, but finally LEGO has released ...

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Han Solo in Carbonite Throw Blanket

Woven with a blend of soft cotton and Harrison Ford’s pubic hair (only one of these is made up), the 52″ x 68″ Han Solo in Carbonite Throw doubles as a blanket or a wall decoration. Plus, it’s officially licensed, so… yeah, bragging rights, baby. You can pre-order the throw now for $59.99. The ship date is expected to be ...

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