Half Terabyte Holographic Disks: Bringing The CD Back?


Sony researchers have been working on 20 layered optical disks that can hold up to half a terabyte of data. Using holographic techniques, these disks could serve as external drives all their own, offering 500 GB of storage on a standard disk by 2010 (enough to back up most PCs.)

While various companies have been working on similar methods, Sony’s version relies on shining light on both sides of the disk simultaneously, creating interference patterns on the disk being written to, each pattern representing one bit of data. — Andrew Dobrow


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  1. be that as it may what of the 376 terabyte disks that are in use now /? strictly military or for he highest bidder , now this technology has been around 2 to 3 years , so why the late exposure? , or should i say what flaws and back doors where found in this technology , or was it flawless and not for public sector use for that reason?

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