Hack: Use CoinStar without that pesky 9% service fee


The idea of CoinStar was a good one. We put in our spare change and CoinStar gives us cash. But then we realized that CoinStar charges you a 9% (!) service charge for something that you can do at a bank for free. So you can imagine our relief when we came across this CoinStar hack.

We don’t know if this is “legal” or not so don’t shoot the messenger, but it involves unplugging the CoinStar’s phone line from the unit multiple times, but seems relatively simple. This is supposed to confuse the machine into submission. Eventually making it spit out your cash slip for free, without the deduction. Check it out, just remember kids, you’ve been warned ;-). — Andrew Dobrow

Ultimate Users Guide to hacking a CoinStar Machine [AntiYawn]

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  1. We used this trick for vending machines and cards in University, before the machine could send the purchase you just had to power it down, Literally unplug it.

  2. Haha, yeah it should come in handy. It’s a ridiculous amount of money to ask as a service fee.

  3. Tried this, but the machine we used didn’t have the giftcard option…. and the phone line was so close and easy to pull..Damn.

  4. @Doompuppet: That stinks. Hopefully they get that gift card option on there soon.

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