GPS-enabled Cameras Coming In 2008?


Kanwar Chadha, founder of GPS chip designer SiRF, has predicted that we could be seeing the first GPS-enabled digital cameras become available in some point of 2008. Chadha says “Most (camera makers) are seriously planning location-enabled cameras. The first you’ll see next year.” While this should be taken as soley a rumor so far, seeing as Chadha does have quite a lot at stake in the business, he certainly does have connections.

Adding geotagging technology to digital cameras could open up a whole new world of social networking and mapping technology. The problem of merging the two technologies relies on finding a GPS hardware system that can run with manageable power off of camera’s limited battery life. While several modules have been introduced to aid in geotagging, smoother integration is surely on the way. — Andrew Dobrow


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