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The kids at the Missouri School of Journalism sure as hell do. Something like 80% of the students in this photo apparently. Interesting how certain segments of the population are so Mac oriented despite it’s relatively small market share compared to Windows.—Sean Fallon

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  1. The Missouri students are not so “Mac oriented” as they are “Mac required.” The School actually REQUIRES students to purchase Macs. The faculty are all provided with Macs. I am a faculty member here, so I have a MacBook, although I am quite happy to use my HP laptop at home.

  2. So, is the other 20% of the students trying to fight the system?

  3. Holly – Gonna have to disagree with you there. I graduated from J-School recently, and while I am a huge proponent of Mac computers, I also know that at no point was I required to get a Mac. The requirement was to own a wireless laptop, but the choice or brand and operating system was left to the students. As a result, J-School students can get good discounts on wireless laptops, and if I remember correctly, these discounts can go towards a Mac OR a Dell notebook.

    No question, though, that the J-School highly ENCOURAGES its students to go with Mac computers, especially when dealing with anything broadcast or new media, and from my experience in the “real world” (albeit, still somewhat limited) this mirrors the industry pretty closely. It’s to the point now, though, where you can pretty much do anything you want to on either a PC or Mac, and if you have an IT department that is competent enough to handle the differences between the two systems, it’s entirely your preference as to which you wish to use.

  4. where is the other 20% in photo?

  5. hm.. looks like 90% to me. those without a mac must have felt inferior.. surrounded by macs left & right 😛

  6. “relatively small market share compared to Windows”??? It’s totally wrong, what you’re talking about. There is no “relatively small market share compared to Windows” as a recent evaluation from Bernstein Research shows:

    Almost 46 percent of laptops in the upper high quality sector are Apple Macbooks and Macbook Pros.

    If you count all those laptops in that are bought by companies, it is still a confident numer of 29 percent of all sold laptops that are Apple laptops.

    So no “relatively small market share” there my friend.

    Greetings from Europe!


    P.S.: I’m a proud owner and user of three IBM ThinkPads running Win XP Pro and cannot be regarded as an “Apple fanboy”. But right now I do sit in front of a Macbook which belongs to a friend of mine as we are at his place.

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