Google Wallet Tackles Apple Passbook!

Google announced today that they’re going to be tackling the competition by stepping up their Google Wallet and bringing things to a whole new level!

Google Wallet

Recent changes to Google Wallet now mean that users can not only send money to friends utilizing a debit or credit card as well as their Google Wallet wallet balance, but that they can also utilize loyalty programs. Google Wallet is now supporting store loyalty cards as well as allowing users to make use of store coupons, Google offers and Valpak coupons.

How do loyalty cards work through Google Wallet? It’s as simple as scanning the bar code of your existing loyalty cards in to the Google Wallet app where they will be stored for future access! Plus, you can also sign up for new loyalty programs directly through the Google Wallet app!

Google hopes that these changes will increase adoption of the Google Wallet which has been struggling against the competition.

Don’t have access to Google Wallet via invitation? Don’t worry because now you can get access to Google Wallet services on your desktop simply by utilizing the Google Wallet app to send money. Once you have sent money you will be free to access via your desktop.

There are plenty of other new features to the Google Wallet revamp, to take a look at more of them, make sure to check out the Google Wallet app through your smart phone!

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