Google Changes Search Algorithm to Go After “Low Quality” Results

Google, on their blog, has announced that they’ve made a change to the way their search engine algorithm works. The change, which they didn’t go to in any real detail about exactly what it was (as Google is notoriously protective of their Search Engine Algorithm — can’t really blame ’em for it), is aimed at bumping up what is perceived to be “high quality” content and knocking down some of the less reputable sources online.

Translation? Content Farms. Google is going after Content Farms that provide generally useless and/or commonly known information. Ironically, this information is also lifted, if not directly then in spirit, from other sources.

Content Farms have been under fire from many Google users as well as the webmasters of the sites that they frequently lift their information from for some time. This algorithm change comes on the heels of Google’s Chrome Extension, which allows you to block whatever website you want from ever showing up on Google Search results. Google admits on their blog that they look at the information of blocked sites, presumably to assist them further adjust their algorithm in the future.

I’ve worked for a number of Content Farms (what in the hell is “marine-grade toilet paper?” – JW) in my time, and my opinion on them is complicated. On one hand, I do think they can provide a useful service and continuously produce quality content IF they keep the writer pool small and hire competent editors. On the other hand, I think a number of Content Farms serve as little more than “fast food writing” that most of their employees do through gnashed teeth while fighting the urge to ask if you would like fries with your asinine article.

And that last link? That’s me. I’m sorry.


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  1. Google’s algorithms are far from perfect but this is a start.

  2. I guess that means I’m switching to Bing as my default search engine.

  3. I retract my statement. I continued reading the article below it that said “Google in reverse”, where the least relevant information would be listed first and the most relevant would be last. My mistake.

  4. Wow. Did you die a little inside when you wrote that AoM:Titans how to? I can’t help but think that must have been an awful job for a writer – a profession that appeals in particular to creative folks. Awful.

  5. @Derrick
    It paid the bills, though after a while it became increasingly difficult to “shut off” my brain in order to do it.

  6. Hopefully this will help to filter out the more spammy sites from the higher rankings that they don’t deserve. Quality over quantity please…

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