Gold and Glory in Game

Imagine an MMO game that combines the elements of adventure, RTS, and tower defense titles. It has nice graphics, runs fast on any computer, and is free to play. That’s the game

The adventure aspect of is omnipresent. The majority of gameplay includes journeying across the land and accumulating gold. While you explore, you will mark enemy positions on the map and maintain a log of everywhere you’ve been. Best of all, that mapping activity happens automatically, so you don’t have to do any extra work. The fields are filled with trees, gold, and arrow-flinging castles. Find a relatively safe spot, and you can begin to build.

The RTS aspect of is equally important to the adventure. The primary objective is to run the biggest and best army in all the land. To do that, you need houses and towers. Houses expand the population limit, allowing you to hire more soldiers and grow your army. Guard towers protect nearby houses, allowing you to continue expanding.

The tower-defense aspect of goes hand-in-hand with RTS. Tower defense games tend to be open-ended. Traditionally, players try to survive round after round of enemy waves. In this MMO game, there are no scheduled attacks from AI foes. Instead, players must be prepared to withstand invasions from new enemies at all times. Collecting gold is especially important, because it allows you to build more towers and expand your mobile troops.

Battling on Autopilot
When you play, you may notice there are no controls for fighting. All ground combat happens automatically. When your troops are within the vicinity of a foe’s, they will battle on their own. Many players may prefer this type of action, since it avoids the pitfalls of button-mashers. There’s no rapid clicking or convoluted key combos, either. favors simplicity and strategy over outdated, overdone arcade controls.

Lordz batting

So, who wins the battle? The victor isn’t necessarily the one with the biggest army. Sheer numbers do represent power, but they don’t tell the whole story. There are five types of battlers in soldiers, knights, archers, barbarians, and dragons. Regular soldiers are the weakest and cheapest to hire, costing only 15 gold. The remaining units are increasingly expensive, with knights costing 100, archers 125, and barbarians 500. The intimidatingly largest and most lethal characters are the dragons, which cost 5,000 gold.

There is no way to tell precisely how much damage each unit can inflict and incur. However, cost is directly related to the effectiveness of each battler. A modest army of barbarians can smash a larger army of knights in a few seconds. When it comes to gathering gold, the larger group always accumulates more, since it covers more ground. Thus, you must decide how to balance offense, defense, and exploration throughout the game.

Styled by Skins
Every great .io game has skins (check them out in this video) meets this criterion, including an Elven and Dark outfit for each class of fighter. Customize your squad, explore all territories, and battle for pure joy in

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