4 Gifts for the Tech-Loving Person in Your Life

Looking for an expensive gift to buy the special tech-loving person in your life? Sometimes you just need a bit of inspiration when it comes to the perfect gift. The problem with buying technology though is that the price tag can quickly exceed your budget if you’re not careful. Whether it’s freeing up monthly expenses by cutting the cable cord and opting for a streaming service, or taking out a personal loan in order to spread out the payments with low interest rates in order to have access to available funds now, here are a few gifts that you can get that will surely put a smile on his/her face going forward.

Tech gift ideas

E20 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This is controllable via an app, is voice activated and is self-charging. Most people are able to put in the work when it comes to vacuuming around the home to keep up with chores, but this will allow you to make sure everything is at least tidy throughout the week and require less frequent deep cleans. It has over 1,000 5-star reviews on Amazon as well, which gives you some sense of faith that it can be more efficient than the competition you trialed when it became fashionable but has since been put away. This little beast also has a run time of up to 150 minutes on a singular charge so it should be able to do a full lap of a floor without needing a second charge port.

Indoor Hydroponic Garden

While the best of intentions is there, keeping plants alive is beyond the abilities of most of us. If you know someone who is part of this club or you know someone who loves plants but doesn’t have access to a garden, an indoor hydroponic garden is the ideal gift. The LED grow lights mimic the sun accurately and the water flow keeps the plants regulated. There’s very little work involved, making this a great option for all lazy gardeners. Prices can vary greatly so take some time to research all the brands and options before making a purchase. 

Digital Picture Frame

Who doesn’t love a digital photo frame? This is a perfect gift for people of all ages. Your photo-loving friend won’t have to print off every photo he/she takes any more. Their favorites can be displayed on the screen and they can update the collection whenever they want. Digital photo frames are very easy to use and some come with a built-in memory capacity. 

Temperature Controlled Smart Mug

There’s now a way to keep your coffee warm at the temperature of your choice for a full hour and a half. And that’s on one single charge. Introducing a temperature controlled smart mug. Coming in at an average cost of $134, it’s an expensive mug but think about the amount of money your special someone will save in the long-run. No more throwing out a half cup of coffee just because it’s gone cold. There are different color options and sizes available so why not personalize the gift by buying them a cup that’s their favorite color? 

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