Geek Gifting Guide : 3 Great Gadgets to Help Your Holiday Hamper

The holiday season is slowly encroaching upon us, which means it’s time for storefronts to begin busily preparing for the onslaught of hopeful gift givers looking to find that perfect present for their pals and partners. While the wide range of prospective gifts is sure to give you an array of options for even the most picky of receivers, the burden of choice can be an overwhelming sensation as you wade through the thicket of tinsel and sale-stickers.

The problem isn’t finding something, it’s finding something good.

Luckily for those of us who live for the wide world of all things geek and gamer, there are an abundance of fantastical options to explore at the click of a button, and we’re here to help you dig through the discounts and distractions

That’s No Moon… It’s a Levitating Death Star Speaker

Starting off our list is a product that needs little explanation, as the name will certainly be enough to spark the interest of any Star Wars superfan. Floating above a pedestal, this levitating speaker is a near-perfect replica of the titular space station (which may make it a bit of a sore spot for the Stormtrooper in your life), and boasts an impressive 360 degree span of sound from its rechargeable 5-watt speaker.
That’s right, it’s rechargeable. This means that your new rebellion-crushing companion won’t have to exclusively reside on a desk far, far away when you decide to occasionally venture into the outside world.
To add a little extra to this already fantastic piece of Plox-developed tech, this battle-ready bedside buddy has been given the Disney/Lucas seal of approval, one of the more coveted accolades available to a company hoping to cement themselves in pop culture history.
However, regardless of its prestige, the levitating Death Star speaker is sure to make a perfect stocking stuffer for even the stubbornest of space saga aficionados.

Add Some Tension to Your Talking With The USB Webcam Rocket Launcher

Have you ever just wanted to hurl something at someone, but the unfortunate barrier of online conversation has left you without adequate ammunition?
Well now there’s an answer to this oddly relatable desire, and it comes in the form of a USB rocket launcher. When purchasing a set of these PC projectiles, you and your computer-bound companion are each in control of the other’s launcher, making you both the hunter and hunted when it comes to chatroom warfare.
With the added bonus of a webcam positioned right in the middle of this armchair artillery, you have the benefit of seeing your target whenever you’re ready to make your move.
While frequently out of stock due to the large amount of interest, hunting down one of these desktop destroyers on Amazon is your best chance at finding one of these fantastic finds.

iCade – The Past and Present of Desktop Entertainment

Whether you’re a season arcade master or a novice at the joystick, the iCade is a simple yet incredibly exciting piece of gaming’s past matched with the technology of the present day. A flawless miniature of the classic arcade cabinet style, this nifty niche machine is ready for you to slot in your iPad and go to town.
However, the iCade isn’t just a creatively designed iPad dock. With the standard two-button and joystick setup, this wonderful wooden cabinet offers you the chance to play classic arcade games using your iPad as a screen.
This is a fantastic opportunity to properly relive the classics such as Asteroid or Dig Dug from the comfort of your home or office, and with the added bonus that you don’t have to pay out in bags of quarters every time you want to boot it up.

There are certainly an abundance of choices for those hoping to get a little more unorthodox with their stocking stuffers this holiday season, and hopefully we have given you a few ideas that will really impress that special someone!

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