GatorBike: Motorcycle Made Out of a Taxidermy Alligator

Don’t worry ladies. This gator wasn’t killed for the sake of fashion. This gator was slaughtered in the name of wildlife preservation, and then was magically chosen to appear as the star character of the GatorBike.

The custom-made bike, crafted from the skin and skull of a real alligator that was culled by authorities to keep their numbers down, has been created to raise funds for a wildlife charity. Jim Jablon, owner of the Wildlife Rehabilitation of Hernando (WROH) in Florida, devised the GatorBike to raise funds for his centre. WROH rescues exotic pets that have been neglected or abused by their owners and either releases them back into the wild, re-homes them or cares for them on site.

So what, you might ask, is scarier than an alligator that can chase you at speeds up to 120 mph? Well, what about the Zombie Eating Jesus Last Supper?


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