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Lacoste Goes Logo Crazy With The Alligator Logo Shirt

Design team, the Campana Brothers, teamed up with Lacoste, creators of the iconic alligator logo you see on the shirts of old men, golfers and preps everywhere, and they went slightly alligator crazy, as you can see. The shirt is entirely covered with the Lacoste alligator logo, available in limited printing, but available for purchase today. While I wouldn’t be ...

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GatorBike: Motorcycle Made Out of a Taxidermy Alligator

Don’t worry ladies. This gator wasn’t killed for the sake of fashion. This gator was slaughtered in the name of wildlife preservation, and then was magically chosen to appear as the star character of the GatorBike. The custom-made bike, crafted from the skin and skull of a real alligator that was culled by authorities to keep their numbers down, has ...

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Out Of The Sewers and Into The Gaming Den

I’m a huge fan of Crocodile Dundee and Leatherhead was by far my favorite villain from T.M.N.T.. I can appreciate the time and effort this gamer has put into this case mod but nothing screams “geek” more than spending that much time to put some ‘bling’ on your 360, well maybe except for this awkwardly-designed computer. The alligator-themed Xbox 360 ...

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