Future Wars May be Fought with Brain Control

Scientists are considering the implications of using new brain research for defense applications in future military conflicts.

Basically, this means that future wars could be fought using sophisticated methods of mind-control.

Sound scary? Here are just a few of the potential applications imagined by scientists:

Advances in understanding the brain�s inner workings could lead to a pill that makes prisoners talk, deadly toxins that can shut down brain function in minutes, or supersoldiers who rely on brain chips to quickly lock in on an enemy�s location.” — Science News

Here’s another potential application that could completely change warfare as we know it:

In the not-too-distant future, technologies called brain-machine interfaces could allow the combination of human brains with sophisticated computer programs. Analysts with a brain chip could quickly sift through huge amounts of intelligence data.”

It’s no secret that the technical aspects of war are changing. However, it’ll be interesting to see if these neuroscience applications for warfare actually become implemented in future conflicts.


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