Fujitsu LiberTouch: Liberate your keyboard


Some people have a difficult time learning how to type faster because of the awkwardness of the QWERTY set-up. The seemingly random key combination just doesn’t compute in some people’s head. The Fujitsu LiberTouch keyboard will have removable keys so that you can custom arrange your key layout.

The semi-modular LiberTouch system allows you to pop off the keys and rearrange them, as well as adjust the sound and tactile placement of the keys, depending on your preference for key pressure. The keyboard will also have a USB port and a special tool made for “extractions” of keys and hobos kidneys. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. You can’t rearrange the keys. They’re all different heights and don’t match.

    The only reason you can remove the keys is to adjust the softness with the rubber thingies.

    I own this keyboard and was terribly disappointed to learn that the keys were able to be moved around but their heights didn’t match, rendering this ability useless.

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