Four Things To Know About Barcodes For Your Business

Barcodes are one of the single most important aspects of stock keeping and tracking inventory for businesses of all sizes. Everything that retailers and wholesalers sell is tagged with a barcode and unique numbers to identify the specific product, and if you run a small or large business, you should use barcode labels for your products. The main equipment you’ll need is barcode generator software that can be used for printing labels, or stamping products with a unique barcode. There are four things to know about Barcodes that can help your business.


They Save Time For Inventory Item Entry Through Scanning

When you’re adding an item into inventory or getting ready to sell it, you want to make sure it can be added in as quickly as possible. With barcodes, you don’t need to go through every item and manually enter in each number in order to add it into stock or remove it. Instead, you can use scanning equipment which can enter your items into your SKU system when increasing your supply, or removing them when they’re purchased at the point-of-sale or discarded. Scanning and SKU systems usually require additional investments to barcode software, but they are more than worth it.

They Reduce Time Needed To Find Items

For businesses that have very small stock rooms or warehouses, finding items quickly usually isn’t an issue. But for larger warehouses, cataloging and pulling inquiries on where items are located can be very time-consuming and take a lot more steps to organize. If there are discrepancies in what’s recorded in your inventory and what the actual quantity is, there are more reliable ways to track where items have gone when a barcode system is used.

They Reduce Counterfeit Risks

You may be surprised at how many times counterfeit products could make their way into retail supply chains. These counterfeit activities can cause businesses and their customers to lose money, bring defective products into the market, and even sometimes pose safety risks to consumers. But if you use a quality generator for barcodes and QR codes, you can authenticate shipments of products from your suppliers or give customers a chance to verify they have received your products. While a barcode may be able to be duplicated, if you use a properly secured QR code generator, you can ensure that whatever the QR code is attached to will be verified when someone scans it on their mobile device.

Barcode Printing Software Is Fairly Easy To Use

Using a label printer or barcode generator software system today doesn’t require the kind of advanced training or database software knowledge that it did in the past. Most have automated barcode generators where you can get a unique barcode immediately and just enter some basic information about it. This software can also be cloud-based and not require significant computer resources on your part.

The bottom line is any business involved with the manufacturing or sale of products or various shipments should always use barcode technology. And barcode generating and printing software doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive to be good quality.

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