Fly Larvae, It’s What’s For Dinner…

Let us preface by saying that if this is any indication of what the future holds, we don’t want to be any part of it.

Fly Larvae
Credit: Katharina Ungel

This odd contraption built by Katharina Ungel is called the Farm 432 and is designed to allow people to both grow and harvest fly larvae. The larvae, Ungel claims, are a low impact alternative to meat production. Certainly, there are a great many areas of the world that depend upon insects as important sources of protein, but we’re not exactly sold on the idea. The flies themselves are fed biological waste and within 432 hours 1 gram of fly eggs becomes 2.4 kilograms of edible fly meat. The insect Farm 432 isn’t available yet, but Ungel is hopeful that it will be soon and that it will make a difference in how we view our food sources.

Ungel puts forth some pretty convincing arguments in her presentation of the Farm 432 and certainly, most of us would rather eat bugs than starve…but we’re still not convinced.

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