Fingers in a Half Shell: Retro Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Rings


Why get brass knuckles when you can have turtle knuckles? As long as you don’t have moose knuckle, I really don’t care either way.

Though I’d have way more respect for you if you opted for turtle knuckles. Because these aren’t just any turtle knuckles. These are…


And these aren’t the weird 2014 era turtles. These are the classic retro dudes.

Not quite as deadly as brass knuckles, but they score at least a million and a half more points on the geek cred scale. And there is NOTHING more important than that, no matter what your mother, or teacher, or ex-wife told you.

These silver-plated rings are made of resin and all four turtles are available. You can buy me one (and I guess for yourself too) for $3 each.

Buy it [via]

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